September 10, 2013

Solid Gold Inverted

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Photo by GWK Images

Don’t be alarmed. You’re not upside down, Mz Solid Gold is in this spectacular photo. The dress was hand made just for her and Gold wears it as if it were hand fitted to her sensational curves. God is one of the “fab four” from the 2011 Great Model Search class but she is only now shifting her modeling career into high gear. We’ll tell you what’s kept her so occupied for the last two years in a later post but suffice it to say, she was seriously involved in her work. Be sure to check back later today for as second very special shot from Mz Solid Gold. We’re on a roll with this theme and she is inverted once gain in her next shot, so don’t miss it and be sure to drop a comment for for her.

8 Comments On “Solid Gold Inverted”

  1. This picture shows that Solid Gold’s smile kind eyes are just as ravishing as her physical featutes are. The TOTAL package in every sense of the word.

  2. Oh
    The minor typo (God instead of Gold) seems appropriate as Ms Gold’s image rivals that of Aphrodite Herself!

  3. Sexy Gold!

  4. Stunning my sister

  5. Absolutely stunning my sister, love ya Rayne

  6. Solid Gold is solid alright! Fabulous shot sister! Love you! xo

  7. love it sister

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