September 9, 2013

Serena Welcome’s Everyone Back to the Photoblog

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Photo by GWK Images

The Daily Photoblogs ends a five month hiatus and welcomes old friends and new acquaintances to the new and improved Daily Photoblog. Serena Tremayne inaugurates the new blog with two spectacular photos today. The first is this magnificent fashion plate taken at Dana Point harbor. The colors, long, flowing blonde hair, and trademark GMS red lips make this shot and Serena, unforgettable… as usual. ¬†You really must drop a comment for Serena to let her know you appreciate her work. Check back later today for Serena’s second shot of the day.

13 Comments On “Serena Welcome’s Everyone Back to the Photoblog”

  1. So beautiful fun and very magenetic not to mention very alluring..

  2. What a perfect image to grace the re-opening of the Daily PhotoBlog! Serena’s pose is so energetic & vitalizing! She is SUCH a beautiful Woman,… and such a beautiful person!!!

  3. Way to go Serena!! I always knew that you would be right where you are. Congrats my strong fighter.

  4. Simplicity of natural ageless beautiful so sensual and classy shine and glow the eleganance excites any Mans arousal cheers and picture prefections atta gurl your knew senior luvr fan and friend..Dtrain4u 2 sxc

  5. Love it Ui’lani (very pretty) Hawaiian style..U go sista

  6. Serena is a hero, a gorgeous, sexy hero!

  7. Wow, you Rock it my gorgeous sister..Love ya, Rayne

  8. THank you for bringing back GMS , i missed it , so happy to see it back online, big thanks to Mr.Gary Keith

    thank you Celeb Serena for welcoming us,

    i wish and pray for the success of GMS.

  9. What a beautiful pic sister! You are rocking this look as usual!

  10. Way to go Serena!!! Such a fun, hot picture!

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