September 9, 2013

Serena: The view we’d all love to have

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Photo by GWK Images

Sometimes the simplest themes make the best photos. Sexy is white on white as GMS model, Serena Tremayne demonstrates in this fantastic shot. Who wouldn’t want this view of the incredible Serena who just celebrated her 65th birthday. That’s right, 65. She is the grand dame of the GMS and so it was only fitting that she inaugurate the new Daily Photoblog.

6 Comments On “Serena: The view we’d all love to have”

  1. What a stunning image!!! Her long flowing locks, fine porcelain features (augmented by Her signature ruby red lips!) and just a hint at Her ever enticing charms all come together to draw the hapless admirer into the web of desire created by those golden eyes!!! We never stood a chance!

  2. No words to describe how lovely you are ..Simply Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful Serena!

  4. just beautiful

  5. Absolutely stunning, and very sultry my sister, Love ya, Rayne

  6. She’s the Heart and soul of the GMS.

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