May 30, 2013

Wood Nymph, Lovell

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Photo by GWK images

Imagine you’re on a long trek through the forest  you come across this natural wonder, the illusive wood nymph, Lovell in her natural glory. Observe her quietly, don’t spook her. I don’t care what you were hunting before you found her, I’m betting the hunt is over once you have.

14 Comments On “Wood Nymph, Lovell”

  1. hot,hot ,,,more hot

  2. so serious but sentual

  3. Your face is just exquisitely sensual!!! That and Your gorgeous tresses serve as a suitable crowning to Your ta-die-for figure,… and that supported by those shapely legs!!! Lovell, You are just plain LETHAL!!!

  4. Very sexy sister!!!

  5. Awesome picture!!!

  6. You look absolutely stunning in this so provocative, Love ya, Rayne

  7. wow great photos, thank you for the pose

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