May 30, 2013

Lovell’s Lips

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Photos by GWK Images

I guess I have to admit, a very common trait among many of the GMS models would have to be luscious lips and in this department, Lovell certainly excels. Full, pouty, and when paired with her gorgeous eyes and framed by her signature locks they are simply irresistible.

10 Comments On “Lovell’s Lips”

  1. You must have men spinning in their tracks every time You walk down the street!!! A single kiss from those lips must be like bliss incarnate!

    Just to be THAT close to You,… looking into those hypnotic eyes,… the scent of Your hair,… HEAVEN!!!

  2. Keep up the good work sis!!!

  3. Beautiful Lovell!! xo

  4. Beautiful as always!

  5. i totally agree, celeb lovell always the stunner here in GMS, im so happy to be her fan

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