May 30, 2013

Exotic’s Invitation

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Photo by GWK Images

Again with those legs, Exotic casts a silent but unmistakable invitation to join her on that bench.Of course to do so, you will have to make room and the only way to do that is to take hold of those tanned legs and place them so you can be seated next to her. I’ll leave it up to your imagination just what you might do with those legs to accomplish this seemingly simple task.

6 Comments On “Exotic’s Invitation”

  1. There is nothing sexier than a Woman who KNOWS how good She looks! And Your smile says just that. You KNOW the power You hold, and just how to wield it! You are the PERFECT Glamour Model!!!

  2. u were made for that settee,,,,,beautifull babe

  3. “…seated next to Her”? i would much prefer to be kneeling before Her!

  4. I absolutely love this one, you are so gorgeous, perfect!! Love ya, Rayne

  5. Natural beauty

  6. All your photos are lovely!

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