May 29, 2013

Three Faces of Exotic

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Photos by GWK Images

Her modeling name is “Exotic” and it is a perfect descriptor for this incredible Pacific Islander. She is, at 44, a natural wonder. Those lips and that skin are totally natural, her soft brown eyes completely captivating. I have often said astronauts on the International Space Station could spot those lips from orbit. But all you have to do to get a look is dial up the GMS Photoblog.

3 Comments On “Three Faces of Exotic”

  1. Wow!!! What a montage!!! One can almost feel the heat of Her breath as She exhales! Exotic, Your lovely face is like the sunshine that pierces the skies to create nature’s rainbow!!!

  2. What i wouldn’t give to be that close to Her! Close enough to see the Power She exudes emanating from Her dark Exotic eyes!

  3. wow this one another stunner close up of my favorite celebrity exotic, awesome

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