May 29, 2013

Exotic’s Legs

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Photo by GWK Images

Most the time when you think of models with great legs, the image is of a tall, statuesque being who seemingly hovers above us all, well over six feet in heels. But as she does in so many aspects of her life, Exotic breaks that rule, in fact she destroys it. Exotic is that great thing that comes in a small package. At barely 5’2″ she may be diminutive among models but the shape, tone and presentation of those legs is completely out of scale. They are spectacular as is the rest of this Exotic package.

4 Comments On “Exotic’s Legs”

  1. You look FANTASTIC Exotic! i think what makes this pose enticing is You appearing so deceptively relaxed,… when in fact i suspect that at any moment You are ready to POUNCE on any poor man who dares fall for Your ruse! Such a happy victim You would create!!!

  2. What a perfect piece of furniture for Worshiping the Divine feet of such an Exotic Goddess!

  3. For a tine little thing…you sure look like you have the longest legs!!! Very nice Exotic! xoxo

  4. wow celeleb exotic , this one ultra sexy , seductive, omg how to name it.. thanks alot for the pose

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