May 28, 2013

Serena Stands and Delivers

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Photo by GWK Images

Serena came to the Great Model Search over two years ago, part of the spectacular “class of 2011”. Her first photo shoot for the GMS was not her first photo shoot, merely her first photo shoot in a long time, about 40 years. Our most senior Great Model Showcase model, at 64 was a commercial model when she was a teenager and early twenties. Her father a successful professional photographer in San Francisco promoted her career and she was seen in everything from print fashion ads, to billboards, even milk cartons for a well known dairy.

5 Comments On “Serena Stands and Delivers”

  1. There is nothing about this pose that is less than perfect! From Your well manicured toes & fingers, and Your long shapely limbs, to Your stunning figure & astonishingly alluring face & hair!!! Your poses reflect more than just beauty,… they reflect TALENT!!!

  2. By Far my favorite shot of you yet sister!! Love ya!!!

  3. I see her at the gym constantly and her had work has definitely paid off – gorgeous!

  4. All of your hard work in the gym has paid off!!! Great job. We look forward to your continued success!!!

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