May 28, 2013

Marichula’s Waterfall

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Photo by GWK Images

This photo has to fire the imagination of many of you who view it. Marichula in front of the cascading waterfall is a delightful sight that no doubt inspires a lot of fantasies of what she’d look like draped in that rushing water. Who knows, if you ask her, maybe it will happen.

5 Comments On “Marichula’s Waterfall”

  1. What a delightful picture You paint, Marichula. Your ample curves are ALWAYS stunning, to be sure! But i think they often overshadow truly beautiful Your face is,… those satin-dark eyes & even darker, silken hair! And Your legs!!! Long, firm & shapely!!! You are altogether intoxicating!!!

  2. What I like is our sisterhood and how we do team work all together .. Love Marichula..

  3. I Love it Marichula! Keep up the good work sister!!!

  4. Beautiful Maricula!

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