May 27, 2013

The Essential Serena

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Photo by GWK Images

Serena possesses all those things men find irresistible. Expressive eyes and features, full lips, long, flowing blonde hair, and an eye catching figure. But what makes this mature beauty so sexy is that her look is simple, natural, organic. Her beauty isn’t the product of a shelf full of lotions, potions, and oils, or the skill of a surgeon. What you see is the essential Serena, basic, natural, simple, and very sexy even in this basic, simple pose. In a world of surgically enhanced this, or laser sculpted that, she is the real deal.

5 Comments On “The Essential Serena”

  1. Absolutely awesome!!! You rock sister!

  2. May I borrow a cup of sugar PLEASE!

  3. From the top of Your lovely head to the tips of Your delicious little toes, You are always elegant, classy, enticing, and just plain gorgeous!!!

  4. wow yeah its true, SERENA is the real deal

  5. Beautiful photo.

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