May 27, 2013

Serena, Less Can Be More

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Photo by GWK Images

Though this genre of photography is called “glamour”, that name suggests flowing gowns, couture fashions and over the top fashion, but in reality, as Serena, in this set of photos wearing only a sexy tank top, some jewelry and heels shows us, less can be more. Serena demonstrates perfectly that the glamour in a “glamour” photo shoot should always in the model, not the wardrobe.

5 Comments On “Serena, Less Can Be More”

  1. I Love It!!!!

  2. If only they had girls like this next door where I grew up. I never would have left my front neighborhood! Sizzling!

  3. Love it Serena!~~You go girl!!! xoxo

  4. Once again Serena, You show us what class, beauty & a good photographer can accomplish!!! The stuff dreams are made of!

  5. Absolutely stunning my gorgeous sister, Love this shot of you, Love ya, Rayne

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