May 23, 2013

Alexis, Wrapped as Gift

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Photo by Chris Walker

When unwrapping a special gift some people carefully remove the wrapping, savoring the moment while others tear into the task with zeal, tearing it away as quickly as possible. Which would you be?


5 Comments On “Alexis, Wrapped as Gift”

  1. I love this pose, it’s absolutely amazing..just like you sister, Love you, Rayne

  2. Cool and beautiful picture my sister! Good job! xoxo

  3. I would unwrap you slowly to savor your beauty as more of the gift is exposed. But once the wrapper is off mmm that’s a whole nother subject.

  4. Personally, i like to enjoy the gift wrapping! Holding the present & feeling all the edges trying to guess what’s inside! Then lifting just a bit of a corner for a peek underneath,.. maybe see how far under it i can get without disturbing the beauty of the wrapping itself. And finally, when i can’t stand it anymore (or when the gift giver insists),… just ripping it apart and diving in to play with my new toy!!!

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