May 20, 2013

Shawna “Bikini-ing”

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Shawna opens up the new GMS Daily Photoblog with  bang in this spectacular bikini shot. There will be two more Shawna shots today so do get too far away from the Photoblog

8 Comments On “Shawna “Bikini-ing””

  1. What a perfect image to christen the re-opening of the new photo-blog! Shawna, You look FANTASTIC!

    Your lovely smile and thick, luxurious dark hair only serve to accentuate Your delightful curves!!! Which are made all the sweeter by Your cute lil freckles!!! A Woman without freckles is like a sky without stars!!! Welcome back!

  2. WOOOOWWWW!!!! Thank you everyone for the really nice posts!!! Love you all, especially my sisters!! xoxo

  3. Great shot!

  4. Just as I suspected another hit out of the ball park my sister!! You Rock!!!

  5. Great new start , shawna its really a new and amazing Bikini-ing ,

    thank you so much for bring back gmsphotoblog with great and exciting new features,

  6. What a killer pic. Great subject and perfect pose

  7. Awesome you nailed it in this, looking gorgeous..Love ya, Rayne

  8. What a great way to begin again, Shawna, you rock!

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