May 20, 2013

GMS News

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July 10, 2014

Five veteran models of the Great Model Showcase will be among 25 who take to the catwalk at the Forty Plus Divas fashion event in Las Vegas, August 23, 2014.

GMS models, Darling K, Shawna Torrey, Mz Solid Gold, Serena Tremayne and Allie Laine will be appearing in the event at the LVH Hotel. Forty Plus Divas is presented by M3K Beauty and Las Vegas Woman Magazine, in conjunction with 515 Marketing N and is expected to be the fashion and vendor event of the year.

40 Plus Divas offers emerging designers an affordable opportunity to present their collections before an audience of fashion conscious consumers. In addition, small business benefits directly from consumers who attend the event, as well as participants in the show.

The event will be attended by a wide variety of people from all over the country, including, fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, buyers, local celebrities, media, and the general public. A portion of the proceeds from the show, will benefit The Rape Crisis Center of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Woman Magazine and Go Curvy TV, are the official Media Sponsors. Go Curvy TV will be on the Red Carpet, bringing all the exciting details at the event, from our host Sherry Lee Meredith. This is one exciting venue you do not want to miss!

Tickets to the Forty Plus Divas fashion event are available at

The Great Model Showcase (GMS) is a cadre of mature (40+) models headquartered in Orange County, CA. Twelve in all, the models range in age from 43 to 70 and work as photographers’ models shooting in fashion fitness, lingerie, commercial, editorial, glamour, figure and artistic genres.

GMS models have also appeared in television commericals, films, and as talk radio hosts.

Gary Keith of GWK Images in Tustin, CA is the founder, producer and producer of The Great Model Showcase.


from  GARY KEITH, producer,  the GMS Daily Photoblog




650.GMS photoblog banner 1-2014

The Daily Photoblog is back! Look forward to a different GMS model posted twice each day with all new content, some fresh faces, and some GMS models returning to the Photoblog. There will be photos you’ve never seen before on the blog and more opportunities for interaction with the models. And don’t forget to visit their fan sites! Please feel free to drop comments on all the posts. Let the ladies know what you think of their work, they’re posting here just for you.

As always, be respectful and remember, these are ladies so treat them as such and they’ll be appreciate and return the favor when addressing you.

These exceptional women are the elite models of The Great Model Search. Each has begun their own modeling careers and so this elite group has been spun off into The Great Model Showcase and these are the models who will be featured on the new GMS Photoblog every day. The format is a little different too. On a rotating basis each model will have a 24 hour period all to herself featuring two photos posted over that period that begins and ends each day at 5:00am, Pacific time in the USA.

Each model decides the photos that are posted and each has different talents, specialities and criteria for the nature of the photos she posts.

You are invited to view all of the posts as there is never a charge to view the Daily Photoblog. It is a good idea to register (which is also free) so that you will get notifications of special events on the blog as well as dates and locations the models will be making public appearances.


Of course you are welcome to make comments as long as they are respectful of the models. Comments that ar derogatory, insulting, or in anyway deemed to be inappropriate by the blog or the model, will be removed and the author blocked fro making further comments.

New Features:

As you look around the new Photoblog you will come across some new features and more will be coming on in the next few weeks. You will soon find video blogs by the models and new games and contest that put you in direct contact with the models.

The archives will be online very soon but in the meantime, enjoy the new Daily Photoblog and be sure to visit the models’ fan sites to learn more about them and to contact them personally.


from  GARY KEITH, producer, the GMS Daily Photoblog

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  1. When is the site going to start update the ladies sites? Thanks

  2. come see us walk the RUN WAY …..lov u all

  3. Welcome back! I love the new format & esp the new “..spin off into The Great Model Showcase”!

  4. Big thanks to Mr.Gary for the return of gmsphotoblog, i missed it so much , thanks alot for the exciting new look and new features , im 100% sure its great treat for fans like me

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