The Women of the GMS

   Looking at the photos of the Great Model Search models one might think the ages are the most surprising aspect of these extraordinary women. But the GMS is an amazing amalgam of beautiful, and remarkably inspiring and successful women with backgrounds of tenacity, perseverance, and accomplishment. Here are just a few of the fantastic stories of the women of the GMS.


   These are not the only incredible stories of the women of the Great Model Search. These are beautiful, interesting women with compelling narratives.

   Of the over 80 women who bravely answered my unsolicited invitation with a determined “yes”, eleven have distinguished themselves by using that first GMS photo shoot as a platform from which to launch a modeling career at this most unexpected time in their life. Each is over 40, many are in their fifties, even sixties.

   Conventional logic suggests that they will achieve their goals is unlikely. But once you’ve learned more about who these women are and what many of them have achieved or overcome in their lives,  I’m sure you’ll agree it would be unwise to bet against them.

Allie Laine, 50

In her teen years 50 year old Allie Laine was a successful model in New York. A native Hawaiian, Allie was, for no less than twenty years a top professional hula dancer in Hawaii, earning acclaim several times in competition and entertaining virtually millions of visitors during her time in grass skirts and orchids.

   But her life now couldn’t be further removed from the black sand beaches of paradise.

  Today, in her “day job”, you’ll find Allie, working as a ranch hand,bucking hay, punching cattle and doing all manner of things “cowboy” on a real world, working cattle ranch about an hour outside of Las Vegas. But she does clean up great, don’t ya think!

Mz Solid Gold, 51

   51 year old Mz Solid Gold first shot for the GMS in 2011, but her modeling was a pretty private affair until December, 2013.

   Her “day job” precluded her from pursuing her avocation, that of pin-up model, publicly. But today she’s free as a bird, now that she’s Chief Petty Officer, USN, Retired. 

   That’s right, her modeling was on hold until she completed her final tour and put an exclamation point on 24 years of military service.

   If that were her entire story it would be extraordinary enough, but it doesn't end there. A cancer survivor during her naval career, she now administers her own breast cancer awareness charity and advocacy.

Serena Tremayne, 66

   Three years ago Serena Tremayne couldn’t walk the runways during fashion weeks. In fact, she couldn’t walk at all. She was confined to a wheel chair, a victim of Guillain-Barré syndrome, an affliction of the immune system that causes muscular weakness, loss of reflexes, paralysis, and even death.

   At 66, Serena is a medical and physical miracle. She’s not only back on her feet, she’s barreling ahead in her quest to rebuild the modeling career as a commercial and artistic model she left behind more than four decades ago.

   Her recovery has been remarkable but her physical gifts and incredible spirit are striking reminders of how far she’s come and just what a phenomenal physical and inspirational specimen she really is.

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