Photographer / Model Agreement

1.0   This is an agreement between Gary W. Keith, dba: GWK Images (hereafter: photographer) and ___________________________ (AKA stage name): _____________________ (hereafter: model). This agreement specifies the professional relationship existing between the parties and sets forth specific rights and limitations regarding the work product of a photo session dated _____________ (hereafter: images). The model agrees to voluntarily pose for and to be photographed by the photographer. The model acknowledges that she may be asked to pose semi-nude or nude and to portray sexually suggestive adult oriented themes. The model further asserts that she is free to decline any request made by the photographer.

2.0   Examination and acceptance: The photographer shall allow the model to examine all of the images prior to leaving the,above dated photo

session and agrees to delete and destroy any image the model considers to be offensive, objectionable or unacceptable in quality or content.

3.0   Copyright: The images are the intellectual property of the photographer, protected and governed by international copyright conventions in effect at the time of the photo session and the Millennium Copyright Act of the United States. The photographer reserves all inherent rights except those specifically defined and granted to the model in paragraphs 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 of this agreement.

3.1   TFCD: The parties agrees to contribute their time and talents on a trade basis and each is entitled to electronic copies of all of the images at the conclusion of the photo session. The model is charged a fee of $60.00 (payable prior to the beginning of the photo shoot) to cover expenses in relation to the photo shoot. Neither party may offer for sale or cause to to be sold, marketed, licensed, or reproduced in either printed or electronic form, or distributed by any means for compensation of ay kind without a compensation agreement which has been signed by both parties.

4.0   Reciprocal rights: The parties grant each to the other, reciprocal rights to process, retouch, edit, and apply artistic applications to the recorded images, and to reproduce images in printed or electronic form for non-commercial use in their online portfolios, or on electronic media, or on their respective social media sties which do not require payment to view. The Images may not be printed, reproduced, or distributed in any form without specific written release by either party except as specifically detailed in paragraph 4.1 of this agreement.

4.1   Rights to submit: The parties grant each to the other, reciprocal rights to submit the images for the purpose of seeking work on commercial or artistic projects as they each deem necessary. The images however, may not be used in conjunction with any project, commercial or non-commercial without the written permission of both parties.

4.2   Model’s option to own the images: The Photographer grants to the model the right to purchase exclusive ownership of the unrestricted copyright to all of the images in which the model appears, at the fixed cost of $1.00 per image. This option applies to all of the images, in all forms. To exercise this option, the model must purchase all of the images produced during the photo session and must be exercise this option within 30 days of the photo shoot.

5.0   Indemnification: The model agrees to hold harmless the photographer, his agents, employees, assignees, family members, and associates for any consequences, personal or professional, which may arise or result from the display or publication of the images as provided for in this agreement, or as are provided for in subsequent releases or agreements signed by both parties.

6.0   Representation: This agreement is not a contract for professional representation or management of the model by the photographer, and the model asserts that as of the date of execution of this agreement, he/she has not retained any professional representation whose rights or obligations might be superseded or abrogated by any term or paragraph of this agreement.

7.0   Entire agreement: This single page document represents the entire agreement between the parties as of the date of its execution and it shall remain in effect in perpetuity and apply to all subsequent photo shoots and all content that results from same. This agreement may be amended by written addendum which has been executed by both parties.

8.0   Individuality: The photographer and model acknowledge that they are each independent contractors. Each is responsible for reporting to any/all appropriate governmental agencies, any income or revenue which may be generated by the sale or licensing of the images. Neither party to this agreement is an employer nor an employee of the other.

9.0   Legal status: The parties attest that each is at least 18 years of age and a legal resident or citizen of the United States of America on the date of the photo session. The parties acknowledge this agreement was signed prior to the beginning of the photo session.

___________________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________

signature of model print name                                                                                                                                                                     date

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signature of photographer print name                                                                                                                                                    date

In compliance with United States Code, Title 18, Section 2257, GWK Images is required to keep on file acceptable documentation which attests to the legal age and status of all models who’s images may include nudity. For this reason, this signed agreement must be accompanied by Photostat copy of one form of government issued identification of the model. Acceptable forms of identification include state issued drivers license or identification card, a duly authorize work visa and/or a passport.


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