Meet Gary Keith

GWK Images, Producer, The GMS

                                                                My name is Gary Keith,  I'm a professional photographer in

                                                        OC, my photographic company is GWK Images. I have nearly 40

                                                        years experience in virtually all forms of media including stills in

                                                        large format and 35mm. I shoot and edit high definition video

                                                        production including online and offline editing and post

                                                        production and editing, I’ve also been in radio production and

                                                        worked as an on-air personality in local, nationally syndicated

                                                        radio and Internet Radio in news, sports, talk radio and I have

                                                        also been a project manager and producer and directed projects

                                                        including cable, online, and broadcast programs  and


                                                               I shoot a wide variety of content from nature to sports,

                                                           motorsports, fashion, glamour, pin-up and artistic. My focus 

                                                           photo essays and commercial and artistic projects particularly featuring mature women. I particularly love shooting in natural light, but I shoot in studio when specialized lighting is required top capture a mood or theme.

    I have reached the point in my career when I can focus on my own projects and my long term photographic project, The Great Model Search has been my passion for nearly ten years. The GMS is a photo essay of spectacular mature women, 40+, most of whom have never modeled and for some who may have modeled in their youth, perhaps 30 to 40 years pervasively. I find my subjects on social media and offer them the opportunity to be the subject in a fashion/glamour professional photo shoot. What has resulted are amazing images, some even more compelling stories, and more than a few burgeoning modeling careers.

    I am a specialist at developing and executing online promotional campaigns. I most enjoy working with mature subjects, especially those who are new to the business and motivated to succeed. I am an innovator when it comes to designing new projects and exploiting her latest technology.

     I have both artistic and commercial projects coming up and I'm looking for fresh faces with motivation and great stories to participate in my various products..

    I don't do portraits and I don't shoot weddings or children. My commercial and artistic projects are in the glamour, pin-up, and artistic genres and while I don't shoot porn, my projects are generally intended for mature audiences.


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