What about hair and make-up?

   To keep the costs down and because I have never met you so I don’t know you best looks, you will do your own hair and make-up. Keep in mind we will probably try some different looks to match the vibe of your outfits.

   Regarding your make-up you may elect to have it done the day of your shoot. I suggest a trip to the nearest MAC makeup counter (usually inside Nordstrom). Tell the artist you will be doing a photo shoot and you want a daytime look with a little extra drama to your lashes and lips.

I have never modeled before, how will I know what to do at a professional photo shoot?

   I’ve been working with women who are new to modeling for decades, nearly a hundred for the GMS project alone, and the vast majority of those had never modeled before their GMS photo shoot. You’ll learn a lot about modeling during your shoot. You’ll learn body mechanics, posing, movement and presentation, gaining new skills as the session progresses.

  We will begin with head shots, the least technically challenging photos. We also do these first because your hair and make-up are fresh. As the session progresses you’ll learn more sophisticated techniques. By the end of the day, you’ll be doing very sophisticated and challenging sets. You will be amazed at the difference between your initial head shots and your final images of the day.

Can I bring a friend?

   The photo shoot I have offered is for you though you are welcome to bring a (1) guest, with a few provisos. Your guest is welcome to be with us in the studio as we prepare for each photo set. Your guest might even be helpful with your wardrobe changes and hair and make-up freshening. But while we are actually shooting I will ask your guest to be seated in the lounge directly adjacent to the studio. Your guest will be close enough to provide for your security but while we are shooting it is very important you and I develop a rapport and are concentrating only on each other. A third party in the studio is a distraction and can be intimidating.

   Your guest must be at least 18 years old and cannot be a boyfriend or spouse.

What’s in it for me?

   Plenty! First, the experience is a unique and exciting one during which you will learn much and I guarantee a great time. Then, before leaving the studio you will receive archival copies of every shot we take, probably between 400 and 600 in total. Also, I’ll take the best 12-15 shots and produce and edit them into a magazine quality photo spread formatted for posting on your own social media or to send to family and friends. And I’ll produce your favorite photo into an 11x17 inch studio print suitable for framing or for use in a portfolio, a $60.00 value, my gift for your participation in the GMS project.

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