How much will this cost me?

   Participation in the Great Model Search is by invitation only, you must receive an invitation from me to be considered. Because I have invited you, I waive my regular fee. Normally I charge agencies and models about $700 plus prints for a model portfolio shoot similar to the GMS shot I have offered you. You have a choice between doing your shoot at a location, in natural light for which there is no charge, making your cost zero, or you may elect to have your shoot in a professional studio with lighting. In that event I ask the subject split the cost of the studio, no more than $60.00.

How will these photos be used?

   Before the photo shoot we will both sign a legal release and agreement that specifically states how the photos resulting form the shoot can be used by either of us. Essentially, you may use the photos (and you will receive archival copies of every shot we take during the session) on your own social media or dating profiles, and you may email photos to your friends or family. You may print, for your own use, any of the photos but you may not distribute them, sell them, or post them on media that requires payment to view or download without my written permission for every instance.

   I may use the photos on my own professional portfolios whether printed or online and I can post the photos on my own social media. Like you, I cannot distribute, sell or offer for sale or post the photos anywhere where a fee is charged to view or download the images without your written permission for every instance.

What kind of photos will we take?

   There are many different genres in modeling ranging from fashion, fitness, lingerie, swimwear, evening wear, formal, editorial and glamour, to artistic, erotic and adult. What genres we shoot are entirely up to you, it’s your photo shoot. You will probably shoot five to six sets during our three hour shoot and you will decide what you want to shoot and you will examine every shot we take before we leaving the studio. Any shots you are uncomfortable with due to content will be deleted from the camera on the spot.

What about wardrobe?

   Because I cannot provide wardrobe in all the sizes and colors necessary to make you look your best you will provide your wardrobe choices. I will ask you bring five to six ensembles to the shoot. Try to bring as many different “looks” as possible so you get the most from this one time opportunity. We will be taking dramatic, magazine quality photos, so be bold, stretch yourself top be sure you have unique and spectacular photos when the session is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

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