About Your Upcoming Great Model Search Photo Shoot!

   Whether our initial photo shoot will be your first modeling experience or you are a veteran having worked with other photographers, I thought it best to give you an idea of what to expect and what is expected of you at your test shoot with GWK Images. I want us both to get all we can from our brief time together so please read through this important information.

First off, relax, especially if you are new. Donʼt worry about what you donʼt know. In addition to being a lot of fun and a unique adventure, this will be a learning experience for you. You will learn some of the basics of modeling, including body mechanics, posture, movement, expression, and how to address the camera. And if you attack this, youʼll learn a lot about yourself as well. While you may elect to go on a shopping spree, I encourage you not to spend a lot of money on new wardrobe. Very likely you already have most of, if not all the wardrobe you will need for the shoot. Keep in mind we will be shooting between six and eight outfits ranging from casual sportswear, skirts & blouse combinations, dresses, even a gown if you like, and possibly swimwear or lingerie, depending on your preference.

Pick out six to eight different outfits, vary the colors and fabrics. If you want to shoot lingerie, bring several choices. By the time you have assembled everything you will need to bring, you will probably end up with one large, or two small suitcases and perhaps a garment bag. Please arrange items so they are segregated as to outdoor and indoor outfits, this will save an immense amount of time on set.We will talk about your wardrobe and I ask that you try on he outfits you intend to bring and snap some cell phone pictures just so I can get a sense of how our shoot will go in advance.

If you want to have your hair done, I recommend you have it done the day before the shoot so the cut and style are fresh. I recommend a visit to your local mall and stop by the MAC make-up booth (usually found in or near Nordstrom’s) and have your make-up done. MAC is made especially for models and their people are trained in photo friendly applications. Tell the make-up artist you have a photo shoot coming up that will be in natural light and you want a daytime look. One of their technicians will, at no cost to you, do your make-up and show you how to do it as well.

Fingernails (and toenails if you are going to wear sandals) are very important. We will be using your hands a lot in your shoot and well manicured nails are a must. If, due to your work, preference, or the cost, you prefer not to get acrylic nails, you can buy press-on nails at any drug or beauty supply store for about $5.00 to $7.00. They can be applied before you arrive at the location then removed at the end of the shoot and they really look quite good. If you are having your nails done professionally, please have them done as either white french tips (No black, pastel, or iridescent colors), or in a rich red color. If you want appliqués, please keep them simple, not too ornate.

Your test shoot will occur in two parts. We will begin shooting in a photo studio with lights for about three hours. You will want to choose outfits that will look great under lights. Black and white are great. Bold colors are good too but avoid pastels. Also, lingerie and or revealing items (if that’s your choice) cannot be shot in public at an outdoor venue so studio is best for those. After the studio session we take a brief break, then move to an outdoor location to shoot primarily dresses or casual depending on your level of comfort and weather conditions. The exact location will depend on whether we are shooting on a weekday or weekend and the weather but expect the location to be in the central Orange County area.

You should arrive at the studio with hair and make-up pretty much ready to shoot. Of course last minute adjustments are expected. Please apply a “daytime” make-up look, not too heavy on mascara, but do add slightly to your lashes and always have lipstick and gloss handy. Be sure to bring a bold red lipstick. Red lips are the trademark of all GMS models. We will probably shoot three or four outfits outside, mostly sexy casual wear, jeans and tops, sun dress, shorts, all dependent on weather of course. We will also shoot head shots outdoors. There location portion of the shoot usually lasts two to three hours.

The set is closed meaning just you and I will be in the space when we are actually shooting. It is necessary for the model and photographer to develop rapport and that the model concentrate on the instructions given by the photographer. The presence of persons not essential to the shoot can be a distraction.

Bringing a Guest: If it makes you more comfortable, you are welcome to bring a (1) guest to the shoot, with the following provisions: Your guest must be at least 18 years old and please, no boyfriends or husbands. During times we are not actually shooting your guest may interact with you and may even assist with wardrobe changes and make-up or hair adjustments but while we are actually shooting, I will ask your guest to leave the set. He or she can be close enough to assure your personal security, but not in the same space for the reasons stated above.

A fee of $60.00 covers a portion of studio rental. If your photo shoot is at an outdoor location, there is no charge for your GMS photo shoot. I do not charge any fee for my services for this initial shoot. My half day rate for a shoot of this type is $550.00. If the session is to be in studio, necessary for certain genres, I do charge a nominal fee of $60.00 to cover a portion of the studio rental. The fee is paid by credit or debit card via a Paypal invoice when you book your reservation date.

You will leave the photo shoot with electronic copies of every shot we take. Please bring a portable USB “thumb” drive with at least 6 GB of free space for these photos. If you do not have a portable or thumb drive, please let me know in advance of the shoot and I can provide one for $10.00.

Food and drink during the shoot: I will provide water on the set but not food. As a rule, I prefer models not eat during the photo shoot. First, it takes valuable time away from shooting and if we break to eat it really takes the edge off. It’s very difficult to get back into the “zone” after eating. Finally, food, even a light meal shows up in pictures. The shoot will last thee hours so if you feel you need to eat something I recommend bringing fresh fruit, yogurt or a protein drink.

What to Bring:  You should figure on wearing about six to eight outfits during the shoot. You are encouraged to bring various types of outfits including varying color choices. Here are some items you must bring with you:

            A Basic makeup/hair kit including make-up brushes, sponges, a powder to reduce shine, lipstick in at

            least two shades, one should be a rich, deep red, and lip gloss, combs, hair brush, spray or mousse, hair

            pieces if you like if they can be applied quickly.

            Wardrobe: In three hours we will probably shoot 6-8 outfits that should fit into the categories or genres

            you have indicated interest in. Changes for swimwear and lingerie take less time so if you have chosen

            these genres you an bring along a few extra items in those categories. It is a very good idea, as you select

            various items you want to bring is to put them on and snap a shot in a mirror with your phone, making

            sure the room is well lit. The more I know about the shoot ahead of time, the more efficient I am on site

            and the more photos you have at the end of the session.

            Footwear: Unless we have discussed something different, bring high heels, pumps/sandals/boots.

            Heels should be at least four inches but may be taller if the shoe has a platform. You will be in heels

            virtually throughout the shoot. High heels extend your line, add definition to the leg and lift the

            tush. Bring as many pair as you can in different styles and colors. If you donʼt normally wear heels,

            you will have ample opportunity to be off your feet. If you donʼt have heels that high, I suggest you

            go to Footsies Shoe Warehouse in Costa Mesa. A wardrobe mistress from one of the studios in LA

            turned me on to this place. You can buy 3 pairs of shoes for about $33, five pairs for $50. They

            have hundreds of styles and colors of 4 to 5 inch heels in pumps, sandals, and boots, to choose

            from. Footsies Warehouse is located about ten minutes from the studio at 1077 Baker St, Costa

            Mesa, CA 92626.

            Jewelry: If you are planning on wearing evening wear or gowns in particular, please bring a

            selection of appropriate jewelry including earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, even anklets if you

            wear them.

            Props: If there are certain “props” you would like to use (boas, cigarette holders, furs, or hats,

            personal items, or any item you think will add “editorial value” to your photos, please bring them

            along but please, no live animals.

            Photographer/Model Agreement: Attached is the Photographer/Model Agreement we will both sign

            prior to beginning our shoot together. It clearly sets forth exactly how the photos we produce may be

            used by each of us. The agreement provides important protections for both the model and the

            photographer. Please read, print and bring a signed copy to the photo shoot. If you donʼt have a

            printer, let me know and Iʼll have copies available.

During the Photo Shoot We will pause periodically during the shoot to review the images in the camera. You will have the opportunity to view every shot we take, while its still in the camera. Any photo you find to be unacceptable, we can delete on the spot and its like it never existed.

I like to have fun during a shoot. So we will laugh a lot but my job is to bring you out of your comfort zone. When you leave, I want you to have shots you never anticipated, photos that are extraordinary and unique to this experience. After the Photo Shoot.

You will leave the shoot with a portable drive containing archival copies of every shot we take. A word of caution though, only half of my job is done in the camera. the real “magic” occurs in post-production using sophisticated photo manipulation software. Photos are often underexposed or overexposed for effect and improved in the post production process. Many of the shots may not look great in their raw form. Some of our studio shots and all of our outdoors shots will be taken in natural light and natural light is your friend, but it means constantly making compromises for the photographer. Just please understand not every photo is going to look fantastic before it goes through the production process.

A few days after the shoot, I will “produce” your favorite shot as an 11x14 inch studio print appropriate for use in a printed portfolio or for mounting, my gift to you. You will also receive about 15-20 “screen shots” which are photos that have been sized specifically for online use. You may purchase additional screen shots or printed photos at nominal costs if you wish. You will also receive a “screenshot” of each shot you select to have printed. No purchase of any kind is required.

We will also talk about how the experience was for you and whether or not you would like to do more modeling either on an artistic, or commercial basis. I will relate to you my honest assessment of your day before the camera and your potential to pursue modeling as a member of the GMS. I may offer you the opportunity to work with me on one or more of my own projects. If you want to pursue modeling, I can assist you in getting set up on some of the most popular online model directories and provide you information on how best to promote yourself and find future assignments.

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