So What’s This All About?

Each year I conduct a model search for women at least 40 years old who are game to try a new and exciting experience, a professional fashion/glamour photo shoot. We’re not talking about a boudoir photo session or a cheesy “Glamour Shots” mall store experience, but an actual studio shoot with a seasoned and published fashion glamour photographer resulting in a magazine quality photo spread. No previous modeling experience is required, in fact most of the nearly 100 women who have participated in my project over the past decade had never modeled before they agreed to do their GMS photo shoot. Most of the participants are found on various social media websites.

   Participation in the Great Model Search is by invitation only. Though I receive numerous inquiries from tagged members weekly, only subjects I invite are included in my project. What am I looking for? I’m looking for mature women who are comfortable with who they are and willing to embrace the opportunity of expressing themselves to the camera. The photo shoot is three hours either in a professional studio or at a spectacular location in the LA/OC/IE area. This is not like sitting for a portrait or posing for static shots. These sessions ore lively, active and dynamic and though they last three hours, they seem to go by very quickly. In three hours, with up to six wardrobe changes as many as 500-600 photos usually result and the participant receives an archival copy of every photo recorded during the shoot.

   The participants most often do their own make-up and hair and bring their own wardrobe, usually five to six outfits. The participants are free to shoot virtually any genre they wish, from fashion and glamour, to fitness, evening wear, even swimwear, lingerie and artistic. The choices of wardrobe and genre are the participant’s, not he photographer’s.

   The best 12-15 shots are produced as fully produced photo files, essentially a magazine quality photo layout formatted for online posting or emailing. Where and how the photos can be displayed and viewed is strictly confined to non-commercial uses for both the photographer and the participant.

   So what’s in it for the participant?  She gets copies of all the photos shot during the session, the photos produced as a layout and the model’s favorite photo is produced as a 11x17 inch studio print suitable for mounting or inclusion in a portfolio.

   There is a minimal charge of $60.00 to cover a portion of the studio rental

   It’s a unique experience, one many participants remark was fascinating, the most fun they have ever had, and in more than one case, life changing. Whether or not this photo shoot opportunity changes anyones life trajectory is one thing but nearly every subject has said the experience was self affirming and positive.

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